Tuesday, August 18, 2009

See you on facebook (or not)

As the early 80s song says, “Video killed the radio star.” Today’s new hit should be “Facebook killed polite small talk.”

Sure, it’s a great way to keep in touch. It just works a little too well.

I ran into a mother from my kid’s school and began to make the small chit-chat that women are famous for.

“What’s been going on with you?” she asked.

“Well, my son starts foot…”

“I know. I read that on facebook,” she said, stopping me mid-sentence.

“Oh, okay,” I said, a little startled. “Well, this weekend my husband and I went to see…”

“Hippiefest,” she finished for me. “Saw that, too.”

“I would take a picture of our girls, but I lost my …”

“Camera, yeah, I know.”

The subject of camping came up.

Relieved, I said, “Did I ever tell you about my last camping trip when my friend put a snake in my sleeping bag?”

“Facebook,” she said, without so much as a chuckle.

I was tempted to tell her to try reading my blog on the prank (posted here) as it was a lot funnier than my status update, but instead I asked, "So, why don’t you tell me what’s new with you?”

“Well, I’m getting my master’s degree,” she said, to which I did not mention that I had already read what the degree was in, when and where her classes were, how she didn’t know if she could juggle it, how she was having doubts, and the result of her first test - all on facebook.

Instead, I listened, nodded, asked questions and wished her well. No need in both of us being rude.

“See you on facebook,” she said, as she left.

Maybe not anymore, I thought.


My ADHD Me said...

Good For You!!

I really don't have anything to add here except that I thought I was the only one who felt the same way.

Angela McRae said...

Too funny! I recently read a great article about the "settings" options that let you create lists of friends to whom certain things are sent (your rude friend, for instance, could easily be screened out). I think I'm going to create categories for "friends" and "REAL friends."

Meredith Leigh Knight said...

Oh, that is good to know. Please let me know how to do it!

Meredith Leigh Knight said...

Oh, that is good to know. Please let me know how to do it!