Sunday, August 9, 2009

Come Monday

I’m a firm believer in 2nd chances, and 3rd and 4th and 5th. Just ask my overgrown puppy. He’ll tell you. He looks at me with that sweet, trusting, loving face (see picture), and I immediately forgive him for the chewing, the barking, the sneaking in the house, and, yes, even the inappropriate sniffing that he does whenever I turn my back on him. In return, he forgives me for the fact that I grow weary of rubbing his belly after a few short minutes, I don’t walk him enough, and sometimes I slip off to the lake without him.

Back to 2nd chances, while some people dread Mondays, I look forward to them each week. I guess I take after my mom in that regard. Every Monday she would turn over a new leaf – start a new diet or exercise or cleaning regime - every Monday without fail. Funny how certain things from childhood stick with you.

Anyway, tomorrow is Monday, and I can’t wait. I’m going to work-out, go to bed earlier, so I can get more rest, work on my novel, query, query, query, be a better mom, plan ahead for dinner meals and no longer forget to write those thank you notes. And you know those character flaws of mine? If you know me, then you are nodding your head yes. Well, come Monday, they’ll be gone, or well on their way, anyhow.

After all, if I’m aware of them, I can do something about them, right? At least that’s the theory I’m working off of. Because although some may disagree, I truly believe people can change, if they want to. And, who knows? Maybe one day, I’ll turn into the person my dog thinks I am. It just might take a lifetime of Mondays.

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