Monday, August 24, 2009


Each year my husband I buy tickets to a nearby amphitheater’s summer concert series for our anniversary. We used to go see Jimmy Buffett until we discovered that we could see six concerts for the price of his one, plus we weren’t as likely to wake up with a case of what my daughter called, “the Buffett flu.”

The downside is it’s a mixed bag, and I’ve learned over the past three years, you never know which performers will surprise you. Kenny Loggins? Great! Huey Lewis? Dud. Foreigner? Awesome! Kansas? Zzzzzz …

Actually, I’ve been thinking that if my freelance career starts to slack off, I can follow aging rockers (make that performers) around the country and write reviews on them. Trust me, people do this – well, the following them around the country part – just ask Kenny Rogers. We saw him last year, and he was fantastic! He had fans, women of various ages, who had seen hundreds of his concerts and still laughed at all of his corny jokes. Now that says it all.

This weekend’s concert was Peter Cetera. Despite his many hit songs, I’m not sure if Peter has such a following. No offense, but he is no Kenny or Jimmy, for that matter. Peter seemed a little put out by us all, especially during the encore.

“You people in the middle row, if you don’t want to clap, we will march right back off this stage without doing an encore,” said Cetera to the confused crowd.

Pointing his finger, he continued, “You should be ashamed of yourself; people around them, make them feel ashamed of themselves!”

I waited for him to stamp his foot and fold his arms across his chest like a two-year-old. Definitely not the proudest moment for this Academy award winner, I’m sure. As far as vocals, he sounded great. But is that what it is all about?

Perhaps he shouldn’t take himself so seriously. Perhaps we all shouldn't. Sometimes we need to don our little grass skirts and coconut bras and sing Margaritaville . . . even the non-clapping folks in the middle row.

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