Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All in a week's time ...

Forgive me readers. It’s been one week since I’ve blogged.

Here’s what happened during that time –

My kids went to camp.

I tried some new medicine for migraines that gave me a migraine (not to mention made me a little crazy).

My husband went out of town.

I realized the house was so quiet that all I could hear was myself think, which I didn’t find peaceful; I found nerve-wracking.

Wrote 1,000 words on my novel

Did zero housework

Forgot to feed my kids’ fish and guinea pig while they were at camp

Found out my mom broke her femur and shoulder on her first day of vacation

Learned mom’s ambulance broke down twice on two separate trips with her in it. Our family is snake bit, my father says, which means unlucky (not that I need to explain that).

Played tennis and lost

Got to see Alan Jackson in concert on the lake

Got highly annoyed with a friend and a vice versa

Wrote three articles; procrastinated three more

Clapped when my daughter won "Camper of the Week"

Explained to my son what the word "instigator" means, when he brought home the "Instigator of the Week" award

Cried remembering a teenager who died in a plane crash

Water skied until my legs hurt

Texted and called my daughter a dozen time until I determined she’d been kidnapped

Learned her phone had been stolen

Talked on the phone with my sister for two hours and realized how much I miss her

Took my Girl Scout troop to Savannah, survived a storm and made lots of memories

Watched taffy being made

Wished I had more time to spend with my middle daughter

Shared some laughs with a good friend

Made it home safe and sound

Learned my son’s friend fell on the concrete and hit his head and is the hospital in serious condition

Laughed as my son tried and spit out the sour cream and onion cricket I bought him as a joke

Covered his horrible case of poison ivy with Calamine lotion

Tucked the kids in and promised to read to them tomorrow

Pondered the meaning of life

Ate some leftover boiled peanuts and vowed to blog more, write more, clean more and love more

All in a week’s time …


thesewingroomandmore said...

I love your list! And I saw those crickets in Sav.. took a pix because I was pretty sure no one would believe it!

Meredith Leigh Knight said...

Thanks! My son actually attempted to eat a few - chewed them but couldn't bring himself to swallow!