Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July resolutions revisited

Oh, my stars! It's July already. Not only is this year half over, this time last year I decided it would be a lot of fun to have New Year's in July (click here to read my full post from 2008), and I didn't just mean by indulging in alcoholic beverages and standing too close to fireworks.

I actually made 4th of July resolutions, and right now, I am thinking, what a great idea that was! Not only did I make them, but I put them out on the World Wide Web. I realize, all too painfully, that I'm the only person who remembers this post, but when it comes to resolutions, I guess I'm the one who matters most. Below are last year's resolutions. Let's see how I did:

  • 2008--Train for next year’s Peachtree Road Race—2009--(Ah,ha,haaaa,haaa,haaaa,haaa,haaaa!! Need I say more?) However, the other night when I was walking, it started to get dark, and I realized I had forgotten my cell phone, so I got a little nervous and ran home. Does that count? Nevermind, don't answer that.
  • 2008--Visit the lake more often—We haven’t gone as much because we have to pack, load the car, unpack—In short, we have been too lazy to go to the lake, which is pretty darn lazy. 2009--I'm proud to say that this year, we have indeed gone to the lake more because I've left my bathing suit there, along with some towels and a toothbrush, and no longer have to pack. Whew, what a relief! One resolution down.
  • 2008--Start my Christmas shopping—I just put that one on here to make me laugh. 2009--Still makes me laugh, just not as hard as the road race. And I was serious about that one!!
  • 2008--Catch up on my teenager’s scrapbook (grades 3-12) before she starts college in the fall—okay, now it’s your turn to laugh. 2009--Too late for the first child. Catch up on my middle daughter's scrapebook before she starts middle school in the fall--make that before she graduates from high school.
  • 2008--Hire a maid—Sounds easy but first I have to clean the house. I don’t want the maid to think we are slobs. 2009--Wow, have times changed! After a major termite infestation, I'm just thankful to have a house to clean.
  • 2008--Print out my digital photos, put them in a box and forget about them until the kids are about to graduate. 2009--That one remains the same.
  • 2008--Take the kids to a pick-your-own berry farm. I’ve always wanted to do this, but have you seen how good the produce looks at the new Kroger? (Plus it’s air-conditioned) 2009--Excuse me? My kids don't even eat fruit!
  • 2008--Work less, play more—Now this one I can handle! 2009--Strangly enough, this one has been the hardest, and the one I need to accomplish the most. Maybe it's a good thing 4th of July came around to remind me of it once again.

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