Thursday, December 4, 2008

Something to read while you wait...

You can tell a lot about doctors by their magazines. Unfortunately, it’s not all good.

I had an appointment at the dermatologist today. I was very impressed with their swanky new office, featuring computer check in, complimentary cappuccino and pagers that light up when the doctor is ready to see you. Having forgotten my book, I picked up a Reader’s Digest magazine and settled in with a steaming cup of Joe.

John Travolta was on the cover and inside was an article about how he stays up all night and sleeps during the day. I felt a little déjà vu. Hmm…somehow I already knew that, and it’s not because I’ve spent the night with him.

Next, I turned the page and saw an article on little known health facts. I knew them all and not because I’ve been to medical school. I flipped the magazine over; it was dated 2005--the last time I had been in to see that particular doctor. I couldn’t believe it; he had actually moved these outdated magazines. What a cheapskate!

I used to get so annoyed at my former OB/GYN’s selection. Nothing looks stranger than a waiting room full of pregnant women reading Golf, Fly Fishing and Sports Illustrated. Not exactly exciting reading for most women. Since it’s obvious he knew who his clientele was, one can only assumed he just didn’t care.

I really like my dentist, except my husband complains he charges too much. Perhaps it’s the copies of Travel, Gourmet and Sailing in his office that makes him feel this way. In my pediatrician’s office, all the magazines are in Spanish. I’m not sure what that says about him.

Of course, it’s really just as well. We all know that as soon as you find a good article and get half-way into it, your pager will go off just like mine did today. Oh, well, it looks like I may have to wait another three years to find out what the trends are in business attire for 2005.

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