Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time travel

I was going to write about what a frustrating Friday I had. I was going to say that I must have been caught up in some “Lost” type time travel and landed on a Monday.

I was going to tell you how rude the orthodontist receptionist was to me when I tried to change my daughter’s appointment, and how I wanted to scream, “I’m paying you $5,000 for this metal in her mouth. Can you please be courteous?”

I was going to tell you how my husband’s credit report got mixed up with some guy’s in South Georgia with the same name, except that guy doesn’t pay his electric bill, or his phone bill, or his gas bill…

I was going to tell you if you bring a photo into Walgreens and scan it on their machine, it doesn’t spit the copy out right away. You have to come back for it.

I had a growing list of complaints to share, but then something remarkable happened…I had a perfect Saturday. Here’s why:

I ran a 5k and lived to tell (and joke) about it.

The weather was incredible—60 degrees or more without a cloud in the sky.

I did not have a headache.

The kids played outside all day after scoring 6-8 points a piece in their basketball game.

I did not burn dinner. In fact, everyone asked for seconds. And I put tonight’s dinner in the crockpot.

All the laundry’s done, and the toilets are cleaned. (Quick come over while it lasts! Oops, sorry, you missed your window.)

I went shopping and found some great deals on things I didn’t need.

I put gas in my car for work, so I don’t have to stop on Monday when I’m running late. And I will be.

I remembered to bring my coupons to the grocery.

I worked on my book about my grandfather.

I got to snuggle with my son and watch “Superman Returns.” Finally, a character that I know more about than he does.

I tucked the kids in bed early and watched a chick flick (Mamma Mia) while sipping a cosmo. You kind of need it with that movie, but the music is fun.

Went to bed early and slept all night without any crazy dreams.

It was a day worth a dozen frustrating Fridays. If only I could relive it again—hmm…now back to that time travel idea…


Vivi said...

Glad you had such a great Saturday. Now, about what % of the 5k did you run vs. walk? Just wondering.
Rachel loves the Mama Mia music even though she hasn't seen the movie. They even sing it music class. We gave her the ABBA greatest hits for her b-day. It was lots cheaper than the movie soundtrack.
Love your writing.

Meredith Leigh Knight said...

Thank you, Vivi! I ran about 40% of the time. It was my first run, and I really loved it.

Good for Rachel--ABBA is great! I wish the movie were a little more child-friendly. I wasn't up to explaining the birds and the bees quite yet.