Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dream Weaver

I’m a big dreamer. I don’t mean just in the figurative sense. I mean when I close my eyes at night, I see crazy, complex images that leave me feeling tired by the time morning comes around.

I’ve heard that everyone dreams. (How do “they” know, anyway?) Some just don’t remember them. My husband is one of those people. About twice a year, he’ll wake up and recall one. I, on the other hand, wake up with a virtual novel full of ideas. Sometimes I’ve even written a novel in my sleep.

During college, I used to dream in French. All those hours in the language lab would pay off once I fell asleep. The mind is an incredible thing. I knew a girl from our church who injured her head in a car accident. She spoke fluent French the entire time she was in intensive care after having only studied it for a year in high school.

Speaking of school, I’ve yet to meet a college grad who didn’t have the dreaded “It’s the end of the quarter, and I haven’t been to class!” dream. I still have it, and it’s always Math class. My other reoccurring dream is that I’m running away and/or being chased. Whoever is behind me never catches up, however, which is amazing, since I’m no runner.

I have had several repetitive jobs in my life, which have always carried over into my dream-life. I’ve spent many a night pulling and pricing orders like my high school warehouse job, or moving the mouse up and down, while searching for errors like the technical editing job that I had.

Currently, I’ve been dreaming about religion a lot, particularly hell. What’s it like? Very similar to those jobs, except much hotter. Well, maybe not as hot as that warehouse job.

Sweet dreams…

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