Sunday, January 11, 2009

Merely an observation

I went into the local grocery store last night, after receiving a call from my daughter telling me that Dad said he wants Manwich for dinner, so we need buns, hamburger meat, Ruffles potato chips, oh, yeah, and a can of Manwich.

Being the wonderful wife that I am (it just comes naturally), I immediantly stopped what I was doing and rushed off to purchase the above items. As I entered the store, I was shocked by the huge Valentine's Day displays--chocolates, champagne, cards, balloons, romantic meal ideas--you get the picture. Love, love and more love, thrust right in my face.

Which caused me to think, if you are a man or woman, and you are actually thinking about Valentine's Day already, then you must not be married. And, if you are, then, geez, what did you do to get into the doghouse? And whatever it is, maybe you shouldn't wait until Valentine's Day to send those flowers.

Merely an observation...

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