Sunday, January 4, 2009

I need a hearing aid for God's word

The following is an essay that I wrote a few years ago. I wrote it after being asked to accept a very important position within the church. Today in church, our guest preacher said God is leading him and his family in a certain direction (and I have absolutely no doubt that He is); however, it made me think of this recently rediscovered essay. Here it is:

Why is it that the Holy Spirit only whispers softly to me, so softly, in fact, that He is barely audible?

He seems to shout at other people, giving them clear direction and purpose in their lives, leaving them without a doubt regarding which way to turn. Twice in the paper this week were reports of “God told me to” and “The Holy Spirit said for me to do it.” One was to donate a car and the other was to purchase land for a daycare.

There have been times, twice, recently, in fact, when I thought God was leading me to do something. However, that something would be hard and very inconvenient to my family. I’d have to change my routine, step way out of my comfort zone. I’d even have to pray in public! Maybe he’s not telling me to, after all, I thought. Would God ask me to do something that would be a burden to my family? I know how some would answer that, but would he really?

Both times I have said no. Both times I have regretted it and prayed for another chance to do His will. I just hope He’ll shout at me next time. I’m a little hard of hearing.

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Angela McRae said...

I think I need one of those hearing aids myself! Great essay!