Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Purse of the month club

I’ve never had a shoe fetish. I don’t care much for jewelry. I prefer T.J. Maxx to Niemen Marcus, but when it comes to purses...expensive, cheap, big or small, I love them all.

My husband said I should join the purse of the month club, and he is probably right. I don’t know the psychology behind it, but I am always searching for the perfect one - right color, right size, right strap, pockets in the right place, zip up, not too heavy, easy to organize and, above all, stylish. See my dilemma.

I realized I had a problem today when I found the perfect Vera Bradley bag. It’s a brand-new style and made for freelance writers/moms who carry notebooks, water bottles and everything else her kids hand her to hold. It’s appropriately named the mailbag and has a cute little strap that slings over the shoulder. Ladies, I know you are with me.

I tried it on for size, opened it and fell in love. My heart ached for it, but I had two stumbling blocks. One was my son had looked at the price tag. Not only had he looked at it, he had blurted out, “$72! Who would pay $72?”

“Boys aren’t supposed to know how much their mamas’ purses cost,” I said, sternly.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because they tell their daddies!”

And, believe me, he would, immediately, with gusto, and he would also add that I told him not to. Don’t ask how I know this. Just trust me on it.

My other problem is my husband has begun to notice my purses. For years, life went merrily along with me happily sporting new purses as I pleased. Then, suddenly, something happened. Perhaps it was the bright pink one that got his attention, but my husband began to notice. And it’s been that way all year. He noticed the yellow one, the white one, the Vera Bradley that was too small, the Liz Claiborne, the maroon one and the black, and he even noticed those two were the exact same styles. And, I don't mean noticed in a good way.

It was when I was standing in front of the purse today and seriously thinking about sneaking it into the house that I realized I’d better quit cold turkey. At least until the season changes.


Angela McRae said...

My husband, bless him, just the other day noticed some earrings I have been wearing for three years now. But as far as your purse fetish, you have a talented *knitter* in your home who could whip up new ones for you pretty frequently, I imagine!

Meredith Leigh Knight said...

Good thinking! I never considered that! Be thankful about the earrings! That's the way it's meant to be--lol.

My ADHD Me said...

Purses not a problem. But find me a pair of Vintage Chuck Taylor Converse Hi-Tops and I'm all over it. There's hard to find the original. But I do have about 8 pair.

Vivi said...

You could try my MIL's trick. She's one of the best shopper's I know. New, used, yard sales, junk stores - it doesn't matter to her. Whatever she bought she would take to her mother's house to hide it. After a few months, she would sneak it home and eventually start using it. That way she could say "oh, I've had that" without lying.
In second thought, maybe you shouldn't copy her since they are in the middle of a nasty divorce now.

Meredith Leigh Knight said...

My ADHD--I used to have a pink pair of those in high school, and I loved them.

Vivi--Sorry about your MIL's divorce. I guess my best option is shopping with my son!