Thursday, April 30, 2009

So, you have a college student...

So, you are a parent of a college-age child. Congratulations! This means you (like I) have made it through sleepless nights and toddler tantrums (and those were just the teen years!). You've experienced the pride of seeing your child in a cap and gown, kindergarten and high school. You've taken her to get her first driver's license and picked her up from her first, second and third fender-benders. Now, she or he is about to embark on a big life. My daughter has almost finished her freshman year, so, I, being the expert that I am on the subject (lol), thought I would share a few pro's and con's with you. The rest I'll let you discover for yourself.

1. Pro--You don’t know what they are doing
Con--You don't know what they are doing

2. Pro--They get to make their own decisions
Con—They are not wise ones (or at least the ones we find out about aren't)

3. Pro--They are getting a fine education
Con—One of the required freshman seminar classes is called "Sex, drugs and rock and roll" (Go ahead and laugh--I would too if I weren't paying the bill)

4. Pro--They realize how expensive things can be.
Con—Therefore, they ask for more money

5. Pro--Phone calls from them are golden; you'll take that call anytime, anywhere
Con—Teens like to argue via text, and it’s hard for moms to effectively get their points across when I, I mean, they can’t find the punctuation or the letter “Y”

6. Pro--They are learning to be adults
Con—You won’t recognize them when they come home.

7. Pro--You now have a spare bedroom.
Con—Despite all your fantastic plans for it, it's now a storage area, a messy storage area. (Where was this stuff before?)

8. Pro--You appreciate them more, and they appreciate you more.
Con--Theoretically, that is

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