Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sleepless in Seattle

So, I took a quiz on Facebook to determine which city I should be living in. Facebook has a five-question quiz for everything, by the way, sort of an advanced 8-ball. Some of the quizzes are on things I’ve never even thought of. For example, what will be your job in heaven? Uh oh, you mean we have to work up there? Mine’s a snowmaker, in case you’re wondering. Hopefully, I’ll only be responsible for the Southern region; that wouldn’t be so bad.

In addition, there’s a test to find out what kind of writer one is. Supposedly, I’m a social commentator like Jane Austen. If that’s the case, then I certainly use fewer words to do it. I have to admit these quizzes are somewhat addicting. I could probably sit down and take all of them, except I’d really hate for people to know I have that much time on my hands. The more people are on Facebook, I’ve discovered, the more they try to deny it when you see them in “real” life.

“Oh, I’m not really on there that much.” “I hardly ever check mine.” “Facebook? What’s Facebook?”

“Really?” I think. “But you change your status and profile picture four times a day.”

Don’t ask me how I know.

But back to the quizzes, there’s even one to learn which alcoholic drink you are. I’m afraid to take it. I don’t really want to hear how fruity I am. I’m also steering clear on the “How many children should you have?” quiz. I fear it would tell me I don’t need any. How would I break that to my three kids?

The one I really like, however, is “What is your redneck name?” Everyone needs to know this. Mine is Leanne Cornhauler. Now, ain’t that purty?

Are you curious to find out where I should be living? The answer was Seattle, a place I’d never really considered, not even for a visit, although I’m sure it’s nice. Apparently, most of my Georgian friends belong there, too. It seems everyone had the same answer to question #4--Are you tired of the heat and humidity?

It wasn’t the location that struck me, though; it was the explanation below it that read “You have an adventurous spirit.” You see, I had heard those words before. I was a shy child and had asked my seventh grade teacher to sign my yearbook. She stared at me for the longest time before finally writing, “Beneath that quiet exterior lurks a very adventurous spirit trying to get out.” I remember because I read it over and over.

Those words stuck with me through the years and even though I’ve never jumped out of a plane, scaled a mountain, and have only scuba dived while wearing a life preserver, it’s nice for someone to recognize that trait in me, even if it is a stupid Facebook quiz.

And who knows? Perhaps one day, I’ll drink a pitcher of strawberry daiquiris, change my name to Leanne Cornhauler, have a dozen more kids, and move to Seattle. After all, I have a lot to do before I die and begin my job as a snowmaker!

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My ADHD Me said...

"...But you change your status and profile picture four times a day....Don't ask me how I know..." LOL

I REALLY don't do facebook. Of course EVERYONE says I simply MUST!

No way. Ever since I started blogging, I can't even keep up with my e-mails.

Great post, Leanne!