Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

You can feel it in the air...Men of all ages get a spring in their step; their eyes sparkle bit brighter; they become just plain giddy, really. No, it's not love...it's football season.

Football is a universal for men. They can sit and watch and never have to utter a word. When they do, it's in a strange language that I don't understand. I can listen to an entire conversation and not a understand a word they are saying. You know, they want to know the odds of such and such team; how so and so's offense is looking, followed by comments about the defense, the tight end, the quarterback, the safety (Do you ask about the safety?) I admit; that's all I got.

I've noticed more and more woman seem to be football fans. Some even claiming that they love it. Okay...if you say so...

Don't get me wrong. I like football. I grew up in a family of avid Georgia Bulldogs fans. Believe me, ever since my sister and I were young, we've cheered for the Dawgs. We learned pretty quickly that when they win, we had a much better weekend, including, perhaps, even a trip to Dairy Queen. My uncle is such a Dawgs fan, he would crawl up the stadium steps barking--completely sober. His pet was a Georgia mascot look alike, named, what else? UGA

I went to a Georgia game recently, and I enjoyed it. I love to tailgate, check out game day fashions, eat boiled peanuts, pet UGA after the game, and, oh, yeah, and cheer loudly when there's a touchdown. Other than that, I'm lost! I've tried to follow the game, but my mind always seems to wander, and my eyes get a little blurry.

At the last game, my husband and I had separate seats, so I was in charge of explaining what was going on to my young son. I felt like such an authority. Poor baby. He believed all the stuff I made up. But I'm sure he will soon be setting me straight.

Although I'm sure I should be more liberated, I'll happily serve up the wings and pop the tops on the brews. You, men, sit back and enjoy the game.

In the meantime, tennis, anyone??

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