Friday, July 25, 2008

Wonder Women

My kids decided this Mother’s Day that I needed the complete Wonder Woman DVD set. (Thanks, hubby!) Although it’s no secret who that gift was really for, the kids have loved watching it. And I must admit so have I.

I loved Wonder Woman as a girl growing up in the 70s. She could kick butt, and her hair and make up were never out of place. I was never sure about the invisible plane (I mean how do you find it in the parking lot?), but wouldn’t we women love to get our hands on her magic lasso of truth?

Just think of things we could ask our spouses: “Do you like my hair this short?” “Are you sure this outfit doesn’t make me look fat?” or “How do you really feel about world peace?” It would be very informative--and expensive with all the divorce lawyers we’d have to hire.

Watching Wonder Woman now brings back a flood of memories. What heroines we had then--Charlie’s Angels, the bionic woman. I refuse to count Daisy Duke, although she did save those Duke boys from a heap of trouble many a time.

It’s no surprise women my age think we must have it all, do it all, as the theme song says “in [our] satin tights, fighting for [our] rights.” Don’t blame our mothers; we learned it from Wonder Woman.

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