Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All I need to know I learned in VBS ...

I missed a lot of Sunday school growing up. In fact, I missed every Sunday for 18 years with the exception of a few Vacation Bible Schools in which I have fond memories of eating flower-shaped butter cookies off of my fingers before washing them down with red Kool-aid.

As a result, now that I am an adult, I have tried off and on to make up for my lack of religious training. Currently, I’m off but have signed up to teach children’s Sunday school class next month, so, perhaps, I can pass along my knowledge of how to make rings out of little butter cookies. Do they still sell those? (Never mind, I digress.)

I have attended many different Bible studies through the years in an attempt to lose my ineptitude when it comes to the Holy Word. I remember one in particular. The leader was (and is) a very sage woman in our church. She taught Sunday school, had been moderator of the women’s circle and was a veritable expert on all things, biblical or otherwise. And to top it off, she knew how to throw a ladies’ luncheon!

As I entered her house the first time for one such event, I realized if cleanliness is close to Godliness, then I could truly learn a lot from her. She was such a charismatic leader and great cook that her guests actually waited in line for second helpings of her “junk salad,” a green congealed mess that looked like its name but tasted strangely delicious.

Full from an incredible meal, we all gathered onto her sun porch for what was sure to be the most enlightening lesson of our lives. We said a prayer, and our leader began our lesson, and some how the topic of “What we would say to God if we could ask him anything” came up.

Some women suggested we ask why there is evil in the world; others were curious as to why good people have to suffer; some wanted to know what they could do to grant the world peace. Finally, our leader cleared her throat.

“Ah have a question Ah can’t wait to ask Gawd,” she said in her slow, strong Southern drawl.

We leaned forward, straining our ears to hear, our hearts open in anticipation.

“Ah want to know how in the WORLD did he expect men and women to live together? Ah mean really!”

We laughed, but the lesson stuck with me. So, even though I occasionally take breaks from church, and I don’t always do as I should, I hope I can pull it together before I die. I’d really like to hear His answer!